It’s Time To Be Boss JOSS and Grow With Coinjoss

Hello, JOSSer! Good News for you, cryptocurrency fans! Now, Coinjoss has expanded its market expansion throughout Indonesia. To enlarge and develop its platform, Coinjoss opens opportunities for anyone who wants to be a part of Coinjoss.

jadi bos joss token

We are looking for the right Boss Joss candidates to join our team and build a larger Coinjoss community. Everyone of you has the same chance to become Boss Joss.

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Are You The Boss JOSS for Coinjoss?

We want to build a Coinjoss community that is not only large, but also qualified and contributes positively to Coinjoss. Therefore, we are looking for Boss Joss with the following criteria:

1. Qualified to become leader for Josser

You must be able to lead your fellow Jossers by setting a good example and sharing positive and professional experiences with members of the Coinjoss community.

2. Good bilingual ability

The Boss Joss we are looking for must be bilingual, in English and Indonesian, with excellent written communication skills, as well as the ability to translate content and articles properly and correctly.

3. Modulating the Coinjoss Community

To develop the community, make sure you only provide a positive chat experience for all members of the Coinjoss community with transparency and fair judgment.

4. Be Proactive and Responsive

You must be able to behave and respond quickly to community members. In addition, you are also required to commit to the growth of the community you are assigned to consistently and constantly involve members of the Coinjoss community.

If you are interested and have one or even all of the criteria we mentioned above, please contact Mega via @yourcryptobabe on Telegram.

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