About Coinjoss

10 years on from the inception of cryptocurrency and blockchain, the ecosystem remains fragmented and difficult to use for the average person. Each coin, exchange, and platform requires its own password or private key, creating a series of walled-garden systems. There remains a need for an easy-to-use platform which facilitates multiple-asset support, easy onboarding, and a place to exchange these assets for real-world goods and services – without the pitfalls of centralization.

Coinjoss is a digital asset trading platform that allows its users to trade, pay for goods or services and participate in projects within the Coinjoss ecosystem. 

The platform is a hybrid exchange, which provides users with security via custody of their own assets while they are not actively being traded, but also the speed and performance of a centralized trading engine.

The Coinjoss Platform

1. Coinjoss Wallet

The Coinjoss wallet will incorporate all major cryptocurrencies, under one password/key. Assets stored in the Coinjoss wallet will be in the custody of the user, and not a trusted third party – this means that your coins are always under your control. The Coinjoss wallet will seamlessly link to the Coinjoss exchange for trading.

2. Coinjoss Exchange

The Coinjoss exchange will be user-friendly, with all the basic features you see on popular exchanges today. It will support fiat trading pairs with the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

The exchange itself will begin as a centralized exchange, but with one distinct difference – only the coins allocated to orders or trades are held on-exchange. The rest of your funds remain in your wallet, completely under your control.

Coinjoss plans to build a completely decentralized exchange in the future.

3. Reputation System

Coinjoss will provide each user of its platform with a reputation rating, which will reflect a users’ value to the ecosystem.

This will function via a feedback system comparable to eBay or Reddit’s karma system, and will be built via the amount of interaction the user has with others on Coinjoss, as well as how much engagement their content receives.

At the moment reputation is stored on a centralized server, but will eventually be moved to on-chain via the ERC721 standard.

The system will also actively combat spam or score manipulation from bots, through a variety of mechanisms. Users with no followers or established history on Coinjoss will not be permitted to place feedback on other user accounts.

Solution–Coinjoss Ecosystem

Coinjoss seeks to offer a solution to the above problems faced in digital commerce.

1. A one-stop solution for all needs

Coinjoss provides a cryptocurrency wallet which supports all major cryptocurrencies, in the custody of the user. It also incorporates a cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace for goods, services, and more. Users will not require multiple passwords, accounts, or private keys for various platforms and assets. Coinjoss will also offer 24/7 customer support.

2. Digital identity and reputation system

Coinjoss will provide an ecosystem which harnesses community feedback to build reputation scores for its users.

Users will need to interact with each other to build their reputation scores, which will reflect their value and trustworthiness within the ecosystem.

All contributions to reputation scores will be authenticated on-chain, and must be connected to genuine user-to-user interactions on the Coinjoss platform.

Extra measures will be put in place to ensure that reputation scores grow organically and remain authentic.

3. Providing access to users for more growth opportunities;

Users with a high reputation scores will obtain improved visibility and access to features on Coinjoss, for improved exposure to opportunity.

This is designed to incentivize good behaviour and reward users who provide significant value to the ecosystem.